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Flier for 2015 -16 Classes

Choose from the menu of workshops to design a class that fits your interests and needs. Participants may attend one or the entire group of Saturday workshops! Two Saturdays are needed to receive an hour of graduate credit.

The workshops will provide activities that encourage experiential learning and the use of inquiry while helping you gain new skills that can be used in the classroom. Read through the menu and decide what workshops fit your “taste”.                 

Workshop fees: $40/each;

$175 additional for graduate credit from Ashland University

2016 schedule

World of Seven Billion                                    January 9, 2016

During this class, discover how to help students understand the ways that population, resources, and the environment are interrelated. See how these amazing, hands-on materials from Population Connection, will equip you with age appropriate activities related to your subject area. This nationally recognized curriculum is aligned to National Standards and can be use cross-curriculum. Each participant will receive a CD of 60 activities, as well as other materials that can be used with their students.

Facilitator: Cathy Knoop, National Trainer for Population Education, Staff – Camp Oty’Okwa                 


Winter – A Great Time to Be Outside!                        January 30, 2016 (RESCHEDULED- was Jan 23)

This workshop will include winter tree identification (including dissecting tree buds), mammal tracking and signs in winter, and various organisms’ adaptations that make survival in winter possible. Using a few human survival strategies for winter, participants will learn how to demonstrate concepts like convection, friction, and insulation to their students.

Facilitator: Joe Brehm, Environmental Education Director, Rural Action


Discovering the Principles of Flight                  February 6, 2016

This course will provide an overview of aerodynamic principles.  Lessons will include how the laws of motion pertain to flight, and how pilots manage the aircraft’s potential and kinetic energy to their maximum benefit.  The equations to calculate an aircraft’s lift and drag will also be discussed, and how the atmosphere and pilot can influence the amount of each.

All lesson topics will be demonstrated using simple visual aids and easy in class projects.  We will also demonstrate how to use small personal “drone” aircraft and discuss how they use the horizontal and vertical components of lift to fly.

Facilitators: Josh Fisher and Brian Strzempkowski, The Center for Aviation Studies, Ohio State University


Where Was Waldo?                                     February 27, 2016

Science comes alive when students have a detective story to solve using chemistry concepts. Teachers will discover some new forensic lab ideas that can be used in their classrooms. Using such lab ideas, teachers will see how to adjust the guidance needed to help students develop their own plans for investigations. Investigations will use clues of sand and soils, solutions, inks, and fibers to answer who, where, what, how, and when.

Facilitator: Betty Altfater, Retired HS chemistry and environmental science teacher, Environmental Educator – Camp Oty’Okwa


Registration and Information

All classes are on Saturdays from 9:00 – 4:30

Each Saturday class will be 7.5 contact hours. All classes will be hosted at Camp Oty’Okwa and start promptly at 9:00 AM. If participants take two classes, they may register for a semester hour credit from Ashland University. If participants do not need graduate credit, they will receive contact hours for each workshop they attend. Classes will be canceled a week prior to the workshop, if registration is low.

Total Cost for each class without Graduate Credit $40

The workshop fee is payable to Camp Oty’ Okwa and should be included with registration. This fee covers camp facilities, presenters and lunch.

Total Cost for Graduate Credit is an additional $175

Registration for graduate credit will be completed when the participant attends the second day of class. Tuition is $175 and can be paid by check or credit card. Checks should be made out to Ashland University. Participants can receive 2 hours of graduate credit for attending all 4 Saturday workshops.


For additional information: Cathy Knoop 740-603-3911 or cathy.h.knoop@gmail.com





Educators’ Week   June 5-11 , 2016: A full week-long training opportunity!

Join us for our 8th year experiencing the natural history of Ohio at Camp Oty’Okwa. The 700-acre camp is under conservation easement and includes a dedicated state nature preserve, beautiful woodlands, hiking trails, and wonderful rock outcrops. Participants will be encouraged to broaden their knowledge and learn techniques that will help them improve their skills as an educator.

The delicate balance of people, natural resource use, and technological advances is at the heart of many local, national, and global news stories. Throughout the week, participants will explore hands-on best practice strategies for introducing people to the natural world and these issues. Using their professional expertise and experience, top naturalists and educators from around the state will facilitate sessions using the camp and local resources. Sessions will provide opportunities to gain an understanding of topics related to state standards by immersing the participants in a natural setting and a stimulating learning environment.

Contact Cathy Knoop at cathy.h.knoop@gmail.com for more information.

2016 Ed Week Schedule

Registration flier 2016 Educators Week